Repair Work

96413407-BAC7-41B8-A8F1-214CF5DE43A6Again, not shopping has freed up some time to finish up some  projects that had been piling up over the last year. Some of these fixies are very basic — the baubles above merely needed rhinestones glued back in.

717C544D-1E9A-4A77-B203-931524629D21And these old Swatch watches needed new straps. I ordered a new old stock replacement for the solar powered watch on the bottom from, but this Andy Warhol-y thing came instead. And I forgot to return in in time. Long story short: I only got around to switching it because my mom needed a new strap for her Swatch, so last weekend, I harvested a leather strap from the Mark Kostabi time piece pictured up top and  replaced that with a green spare I was using on the solar.

But now I think I might like to switch that with a sparkly green strap that I have somewhere (but seem to have misplaced).

2448C6E0-FA5A-4AB1-A9DC-34B148973AA2Here’s an upcycling idea that I wanted to try out. I bought this bone Baule-style carving at the Value Village last year. I tried to turn it into a neckpiece but it didn’t really work out. My second plan was to make it into a bracelet, so I started looking for bone beads in the thrift shops, but no dice.

Then last night at the Dollarama, I noticed that colourful wood beads and stretchy cord had returned to the Craft section. So I gave it a go. My stringing needs reworking but it’s sort of what I envisioned.