Interview With A Beauty Advisor: Carolyn Black

Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique

Beauty advisors are our friends. They save us money by steering us away from impulse buys that we will use once and then leave in the medicine cabinet for five years. They point us toward new products so we don’t keep wearing the same purple eye shadow that we originally sported in the ’90s. And sometimes they even give us free samples.

Carolyn Black is a beauty advisor who is also my friend when I’m not shopping for cosmetics. And she has graciously agreed to answer some questions. Keep reading for her awesome eyebrow tips.

Who are you and what do you do (a brief bio)?
My name is Carolyn Black, and I am a beauty advisor at Shoppers Drug Mart, as well as a makeup artist on the side.

When did you decide that the world of beauty was for you?
I have always loved makeup. When I was younger I used to play with sparkles and white eyeliner, and it just grew from there!

How did you originally get into makeup?
It started with my second part time job. I was working at Shoppers as a cashier, and I realized I was spending more and more time in the cosmetics department, so I ended up going to school for special effects makeup.

What is your beauty philosophy?
Take care of your skin and play with your makeup. I understand that certain colours look better on certain people, but makeup is all about fun and playing!

What is the most fun about working with makeup?
Everything!!! I love that my world is always changing, and there is always something new out there to try! It sounds weird, but would be surprised at how quickly a woman’s mood can change when she finds that perfect lipstick. And to be the person that helps her with it is pretty rewarding.

What is the most difficult part ?
It’s hard to say. I think anyone who has worked in retail would probably have the same difficulties.

Who is your personal style inspiration?
I don’t really have one. For makeup I am loving what Lâncome is doing right now.

You have the best eyebrows ever — what’s your secret?
Haha!! I don’t do much, I think a good eyebrow is all about how you fill it, and I truly recommend a powder to fill in your brows. I use Lise Watier, they have two colours so you can create the perfect colour for your brow.

Here are the three steps to follow when filling your brows:
1. Brush your brows in the wrong directions. Wherever you see spots without hair, fill them in.
2. Comb your brows back, then fill brows in again.
3. Run a mascara wand through your brows to soften them and correct any areas that may be too dark.

Where is the best place to watch people in Toronto?
Honestly the Eaton Center. So many people come through there everyday with so many different styles it’s pretty crazy. Because there are so many tourists going through there everyday, you get to see what’s going on in fashion all over the world!!

What is your favourite fashion/beauty or design thing right now?
Stirrups! I was just reading an article about how someone has created some that you attach to any pair of leggings so boots go on easier. Oh, and pockets in skirts and dresses. I have no idea what took people so long to figure out how much better life would be with pockets.