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Aroma one’s own


Surreal Life

Flashback Fragrances


Collections Week: Shades

Heart of sunglass

Spooky Snakes

I’ve been planning a meaningful and well-thought-out post about my collection of serpentine jewellery, but it really just boils down to this. I see something with a snake on it, I buy it.… Continue reading

Hermès At Home

The horsey set

Freebie Friday: Oh Lola Marc Jacobs Perfume Bottle

Pretty and pink

Parfums Cacharel Bird Pendant

I’ve had this Parfums Cacharel Pendant before, but it was just the metal part. The completist part of the collector in me wanted to have the correct version with the glass bead and… Continue reading

Vintage 1977 Perfume Ads

Seventies scents

Wood He? DSquared Necklace

Here’s a contemporary addition to my growing collection of fragrance related jewellery. It’s a promotional piece (I’m guessing) from the launch of DSquared’s He Wood fragrance, launched in 2007. It’s basically a cord… Continue reading

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