7963232D-C0DE-4F2E-867A-2DBC6DC90ACEMy most exciting buy from Fritsch’s was this fabulous fact ice for Salvador Dali Laguna. The frosted glass bottle was designed by Dali for the launch of his first frangrance. This blue version is meant to evoke the beachy fragrance within.

A factice is a bottle that is used for display purposes. So this bottle has some discolouration from the sun. But because it’s bigger than a normal flaçon, it feels more like a sculpture.

Another thing that’s cool is that it still has its original box, also labelled factice. It would appear that Mr. Fritsch threw nothing out.

4782BD8A-9420-493C-908F-4D4719868F1EAnd finally, I also found this gift-with-purchase picture frame, also signed “Gala and Salvador Dali Foundation”on the back.