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Smashed Pennies

In honour of the long weekend and my recent vacation, may I present my collection of smashed pennies. I have smashed pennies from all over: San Francisco; Chicago; Birmingham, UK; New York City;… Continue reading

Cindy Sherman for M.A.C.

Cindy Sherman is doing a collaboration with M.A.C.! I have been a huge fan of photographer Cindy Sherman since University. I love how, over the years, she’s explored so many angles of portraiture… Continue reading

I Found An Art: Inuit Carved Soapstone Seal

Found for $20 at The St Lawrence Market. I actually saw him there a couple of weekends ago and went specifically to retrieve him and an art deco necklace that I didn’t have… Continue reading

I Found An Art: Bull Terrier Watercolour

Lots of yard sale action last Saturday. And lots of the kinds of treasures that I don’t normally see at yard sales or thrift shops (my primary hunting grounds). F’rinstance, at last weekend’s… Continue reading

Aaron Leighton “Spirit City Toronto”

Toronto illustrator Aaron Leighton‘s book Spirit City Toronto is not new, but it’s new to our home. Just today, I saw a leaf scuttle sideways across our yard, even though there was no… Continue reading

An Art: Stephen Appleby-Barr “Chloe” Print

Went to Magic Pony with the nephew last weekend. Impulsively bought this print. It’s called Chloe and it’s by Team Macho‘s Stephen Appleby-Barr (who just had a show at the Metiver Gallery). I… Continue reading

How I Became a Patron of the Arts

I have commissioned a portrait of my kitty cat, Ronnie James Dio from etsy artist Dimdi. I love it so much. I wish I had 30 other cats to have pictures painted of.… Continue reading

Sidewalk Finds: Seth Thomas Clock and Millet Print

Saturday was a big cleaning up day. I came across the circa ’60s Seth Thomas Mantel Clock that I found on the sidewalk a couple of summers ago. We don’t have a mantel… Continue reading

Cougar Town

I like naive art, but I always feel slightly guilty about it. I bought a few examples of this unknown artist’s attempts at Robert Batemen-esque wildlife painting. I don’t really dig the hyper… Continue reading

I Found An Art: Another Helen Kalvak Print

It’s only been a year and half since I started looking for art for our walls, but Mr. Andrew gently suggests that perhaps we have too much. So this Helen Kalvak print may… Continue reading

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