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Postcards from Philadelphia

A vignette of images from the Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia.

Midweek Modness: Robert Indiana Love Sculpture

An ode to Robert INdiana’s “Love.”

Vintage Duchess Button Card

Art Deco-era Duchess Quality made in Canada button card

Midweek Modness: Arnold Blanch Scarf

The Art of the Scarf: Arnold Blanch silk screened square.

I Found An Art: Antony Gormley “Vessel”

Antony Gormley’s contemporary sculpture’s Renaissance connection

Good Old Fashion Yard Sale Treasure

My weekend yard sale haul.

Art Show: Eli Langer

An art by Eli Langer

Art Show: Hiroshi Sugimoto, Xenia Taler and Dan Goodsell

Arts by Hiroshi Sugimoto, Xenia Taler and Dan Goodsell.

Midweek Modness: Yaad Israel Copper Utensils

Utilitarian designs by modernist artists.

I Found A (Faux) Art

Inuit-style stone plaque.

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