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Jewels and Art

Mixing media

I Found An Art: Nook Nuqingaq Green Soap Stone Seal

Craving carvings

Do Over: Free Picture Frame Meets Old Poster

Free + Free = Double Free

The Art of Style

Art as a personal style blog.

I Found An Art: Yet Another Helen Kalvak Print

Say hello to Helen Kalvak print number three

Route 66 Revisited: Kachina Doll and Fred Harvey Rug

A Hopi Katsina from the 1950s.

Block Party

My latest art find!

My Parent’s Art

I was in Kitchener visiting the parents for Easter. As I have mentioned before, my folks instilled the collecting fever in me, taking me to antique and craft boutiques when I was a… Continue reading

San Francisco Treats

While we were limited by available funds and luggage space, we still found the time to peruse the thrift shops of San Francsico and (thanks to Linda) Napa Valley. Here are my favourite… Continue reading

I Found An Art: Hot Pop Factory 3D Printing

Before Valentine’s Day, Mr. Andrew an myself were walking down the street for two-for-one falafel Tuesday at Ali Baba when we happened upon a unique event. An outfit called Hot Pop Factory was… Continue reading

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