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How I Became a Patron of the Arts

I have commissioned a portrait of my kitty cat, Ronnie James Dio from etsy artist Dimdi. I love it so much. I wish I had 30 other cats to have pictures painted of.… Continue reading

Sidewalk Finds: Seth Thomas Clock and Millet Print

Saturday was a big cleaning up day. I came across the circa ’60s Seth Thomas Mantel Clock that I found on the sidewalk a couple of summers ago. We don’t have a mantel… Continue reading

Cougar Town

I like naive art, but I always feel slightly guilty about it. I bought a few examples of this unknown artist’s attempts at Robert Batemen-esque wildlife painting. I don’t really dig the hyper… Continue reading

I Found An Art: Another Helen Kalvak Print

It’s only been a year and half since I started looking for art for our walls, but Mr. Andrew gently suggests that perhaps we have too much. So this Helen Kalvak print may… Continue reading

1980s Afghani War Rug

Okay, I don’t have a lot of money, but I couldn’t pass up a chance to purchase an Afghani War Rug. The Textile Museum of Canada had a cool exhibition about these carpets… Continue reading

Onward and Upward With the Arts Pt. II

Went to City of Craft on Saturday. I got three arts by Toronto illustrator Greasychickenface. Two watercolour owls (pictured above) and, for Andrew, a bunch of bunnies (pictured below).

Onward and Upward With the Arts Pt. I

When I’m sick, I like to clean. And I am feeling poorly this evening. So I’ve cleaned off my dresser and installed a sidewalk find mirror. I had to move some art around… Continue reading

I Found An Art — And A Marsupial Skin

I found this ebonized ironwood bust at the Value Village last week. I can’t pretend it’s a valuable find. I just like sculpture and I like the fact that this face reminds me… Continue reading

Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress — It’s Been Done

Lady Gaga caused a stir at the MTV Video Awards on Sunday night with her Franc Fernandez meat dress. Montreal artist Jana Sterbak courted controversy back in the 1980s with her Vanitas: Flesh… Continue reading

Brix Smith: Style Icon

I was looking at some old videos by The Fall on the You Tubes, and I couldn’t help but notice how au courant guitarist Brix Smith‘s look was/is. Turns out she no longer… Continue reading

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