Locket To Me

Here are a random collection of pictures I have found in lockets I have come across. Above and below are some Victorian-images. The lady’s photo above has a stamp that indicates that it was taken at The Great Exhibition, London, 1851. The ones below are from a locket bracelet.

Here’s a pretty Gibson Girl from a WWI “For King and Empire” good luck pocket locket. My dad really wants me to give him this locket. He claims that as a former serviceman and a collector of Canadian Militaria he has more right to it than I do.

Here’s my Grandma Bisset and her cousin/brother Howard Hudson in my great grandmother Ida May’s locket. Howard bought this locket for Ida May before he went off to France in WWI. I borrowed it from my mother when I got married. It kept swinging open. I think it’s because my grandma wanted to see what was going on.

From the time between the wars… two ladies from the 1930s found in a late Victorian locket.

And late ’30s, early ’40s fellow housed in and Edwardian locket.

And a dapper 1940s couple who live in a 1940s Guilloche locket