Hair Goals

blog buch deichmann combs 1As I blossom into womanhood, my hair is changing too. My once super straight strands have turned into the texture of cotton candy. There’s not much that I can do with it in this state other than to chop it all off, adopt a Grace Coddington-style frizz or pull it back in a stern, Georgia O’Keeffe style.

I prefer long, but I still need to grow my hair out some before I can carry off a Coddington or an O’Keeffe. Luckily for me, I hit the motherlode of Buch & Deichmann hair acessories at the Value Village last week. As you know, I can’t say no to B+D, especially the barrettes and hair combs.

blog buch deichmann combs 2While the hair accessory hoard was mostly combs, there was one barrette (see below). But there were also a bunch of off-brand barrettes to hold my hair back.

blog buch deichmann barrette