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I Love Enamel

Glass on brass (not really but it rhymes)

eBay Treasure

My must have list

Antiquing Haul

Digging for gold.

Midweek Modness: More DePassillé-Sylvestre

Abstract attraction

Green Day

Kiss me, I’m partially Irish

Midweek Modness: De Passilé Sylvestre Pendant

A charming charm

Midweek Modness: De Passille Sylvestre Pendant


Midweek Modness: More De Passillé-Sylvestre

Trophy number two from my thrift safari.

Modweek! De Passillé-Sylvestre Pendant

It’s going to be kind of a slow week around here — I’m finishing up a contract, trying to get some goodies into the Gracious, Good Etsy shop in time for the holidays… Continue reading

Midweek Modness: Classic Canadian Necklaces

Vidal, Larin, de Passilee-Sylvestre and Rafael: Monsters of Canadian Modernism.

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