eBay Treasure

img_2642I was sick. Too sick to go out and hunt for treasures. To sick to sleep at night. So sick that I found myself falling into a deep eBay hole searching for grails that might be hidden under bad search terms or lousy photos.

And I found more than a few (including the Jaeger LeCoultre and Rolex that I wrote about last week). Pictured at the top is a paste riviere necklace. I used to have a whole bunch of these “Anna Wintour” necklaces but sold them during a spell where my freelance clients we not paying me.

Since I have money now, I was also searching for jewels that had investment potential. I don’t know how long the mid-century modern revival will o on for, but these beauties  —  a Penti Saarpeneva, a Passille-Sylvester and a Darveau — were too great to pass up. I especially identify with a mermaids at the moment because the symbolize transformation and being a go between — but that’s neither here nor there.

img_2640The one, true grail bijoux here is this Robert Indiana Love ring. I’ve been after one of these for ever. It was sold by Charles Revson’s Ultima II mostly makeup collection.

Of course I also came across some delightful, but not grail, items whilst searching for actual obsessions. For example, who can resist an A-OK hand for your lapel? Or two birthday birds?

i have no self control.