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Edwardian 9ct Gold and Greenstone Kia Ora Pendant

I found many great things at the St. Lawrence Market last weekend, but I’m going to stretch out posting about them because I’m on vacation next week and I’m lazy. One of the… Continue reading

Heart of Gold: Edwardian Fob Locket

Went out today for my first vintage hunt since the Fringe ended. I spent an hour perusing the back racks of jewellery at Gadabout, where I found this pretty heart shaped locket. It’s… Continue reading

Happy July 4!

For my friends in the US, here’s is a cute 10K, early 20th century lapel pin I got in an eBay lot a long time ago. Have a happy holiday!

April Fool: Some Old Finds That I Got Wrong

Did a little more research on some recent finds (informally, I visited some dealers) and just wanted to provide an update: The brooch pictured above is a real pink topaz, but alas, not… Continue reading

Boehmer Bros. Berlin 14K Seed Pearl Star Stick Pin

As some of you know, I am a third generation Kitchenerite. In my Grandmother‘s youth, Kitchener was known as Berlin. I am not sentimental about the place, but I still found myself on… Continue reading

Edwardian Watch Fob Locket and Signet Ring

I had a show out in the East End last week and passed by two antique shops. In the first one, I found this somewhat shabby, but still pretty rolled gold watch fob… Continue reading

My Spooky Wook: Snakes

I have a bit of a collection of snake-themed jewellery. Enough that I have a whole jewellery box dedicated to all things serpentine. Pictured above are the two oldest pieces in my snake… Continue reading

Locket To Me

Here are a random collection of pictures I have found in lockets I have come across. Above and below are some Victorian-images. The lady’s photo above has a stamp that indicates that it… Continue reading

The Most Beautiful Ring In The World

This Edwardian rock crystal and (maybe) sapphire 14K white gold ring is now officially the most beautiful piece of jewellery I have. I have searched the internet over and have not found its… Continue reading

Find Of The Month: Edwardian 10K Seed Pearl Bar Pin

I found so many fabulous things in June that it was very hard to come up with just one Find of the Month. But this pretty little bar pin wins because: 1. I… Continue reading

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