2018 Year View Mirror: Art!

5B9CCF58-B27D-410B-96D6-820140053D19This year I went on an art tear. I even BUNZ traded for a Norval Morrisseau silk screen print just yesterday (see above).

C9D87695-51AA-4FED-897B-7C1D12B40980I got so many great pieces and they all make me happy in so many ways that it’s difficult to say which is my favourite. So I’m going to go with my top nine (for now), starting with this amazing Roman Astrauskas tiger.


I’m also fond of this Hidden Cameras perma plaqued poster that I picked up at a yard sale this summer.

D41A19A4-5B21-46F4-954E-7A580AA06A17Another tiger, this time by Mariko Paterson from Forage Studio in Halifax.

These African locust masks were part of another BUNZ trade.

And here’s a trio of finds from a Magic Pony sale (from left to right): a Team Macho ceramic and ribbon wall hanging (from the Merlin Years show); a C’est Moi Ce Soir collage; and a Gary Baseman drawing.