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Midweek Modness: Pentti Sarpaneva Cufflinks


Midweek Modness: Kalevala Koru Cross

Last Sunday, Mr. Andrew and I went on an afternoon movie date. We went to our favourite cheap movie house, THe Rainbow Cinema Market Square, which is conveniently located beside the St. Lawrence… Continue reading

Midweek Modness: Hopea

My friend Jessica sent me a link to a new, Toronto-based online jewellery shop called Hopea. Founded by Cosima Friesen, the store celebrates Canadian and Scandinavian pieces from the 1960s and 70s. The… Continue reading

Midweek Modness: Pentti Sarpaneva Pendant

Going back into the vaults for this image — It’s a Pentti Sarpaneva pendant which I sold a couple of years ago. Sarpaneva started out as a graphic designer in his native Finland,… Continue reading

Midweek Modness: Finnish Brass Ring

This ring pretty much encapsulates mid-century Finnish jewellery design. It has one foot in Bronze Age Viking brutalism plus a hippy dippy free form feeling. I don’t know who designed it — it’s… Continue reading

Mid Century Modnesday: Charley Harper and Finland

Look what I found at Book City. A Charley Harper Coloring Book! Best of all it was like $3. Charley Harper is one of my fave mid-century modernist illustrators because so many of… Continue reading

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