Midweek Modness: Hopea

My friend Jessica sent me a link to a new, Toronto-based online jewellery shop called Hopea. Founded by Cosima Friesen, the store celebrates Canadian and Scandinavian pieces from the 1960s and 70s. The site carries (and also features excellent bios of) jewellery makers such as Guy Vidal, Robert Larin, Bjorn Weckstrom, Pentti Sarpeneva and Elis Kauppi, to name but a few of my favourites.

If you like to see the jewels up close and personal-like, Hopea also has curated pop up shop at Mjölk in the Junction. And, best of all, they are having a contest to win the Pentti Sarpeneva “Icicles” necklace pictured above. It would go nicely with my unattributed “Made in Finland” ring (pictured below), don’t you think?