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Midweek Modness: Super Ceramics

Very pottery

…But I Love It

Just a random assortment of recent-ish finds that have found themselves in heavy rotation with my winter wardrobe. First is this Herm√®s homage scarf with a Kermit Oliver-style Katsina motif print. Nice and… Continue reading

The First Watch of 2016

I have everything I need. Soon I will have everything I want.

There Are Llamas

Camelid camera

Cat and Mouse

Take care of your watch.

Red Handed

One of the jewels I’ve always wanted was a ¬†Solange Azagury-Partridge Hot Lips ring. In October, I learned that Azagury-Partridge had paired up with Amazon.uk to do a limited edition run of the… Continue reading


Spinning yarns

Midweek Modness: Crazy Tray

A partridge, not in a pear tree

Le Must de Catena

Tank girl

Mirror in the Bathroom: Fall Fashion Parade

Narcissistic behaviour

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