Winter Wardrobe

blog winter 1It’s been such a mild Fall, that I have been procrastinating getting my fall/winter wardrobe in order. First there’s the prep — unpacking last year’s garments that had been stored away for the summer and washing all the lightweight clothing before putting them away for the season. This stage also lets me assess what is missing from my closet o that when I do go shopping, I’m not buying the same thing twice.

blog winter 2I was certain that, although I have many cardigans, I didn’t have a bejewelled one. So I snapped the one pictured up top at the Sally Ann a couple of weeks ago, before I did my wardrobe check. And even though I knew I already had three jean jackets (each a different shade of blue), I can’t say no to an under $10 Levis jacket.

blog winter 3Along with the jean jacket. I also found this Hudson’s Bay Canadian Olympic Team  zip-front, curling sweater — I’ve been looking for one that fits for about a year. That and a pair of drapey grey, cuffed trousers were like the only two things that I could really say I needed to make my wardrobe complete.

blog winter 4So here are the pants (this style is a staple for me, and my last pair simply wore out). I got them at Walmart.

blog winter 5I also got this summery eyelet dress on sale at H&M because I can wear it over pants as a transitional piece now and as a cute dress next year.

The other thing that excited me about this seasonal switcheroo is that I have way less winter clothing than summer clothes (in fact, half of the things I had put away are Halloween costumes). So my closet feels less claustrophobic and my drawers aren’t overstuffed. And I’m genuinely excited that I’ll be able to wear my old friends soon!