Swap Meets

imageI’ve been Bunz trading up a storm lately. Mostly because I finally figured out the app, which makes the whole business of trading that much more efficient. Here are my recent acquisitions:

Pictured above and below are a Belarusian Luch watch and an amber pendant. Originally it was just supposed to be a trade for the watch but the lovely Bunzer threw in the pendant as well. I can’t remember what I traded for.


I always wanted a pair of aviators, and I swapped a sweatshirt for this pair of vintage Chanel sunniest. Turns out that aviators are not that flattering on me. Oh well, I can always reBunz.

imageI traded some perfume samples for this cocktail ring from Moldova.

imageI traded a novelty dipping bird for a plastic banana keychain. Some of these swaps are clearly pure whimsy. But there is value in de littering and the keychain takes up much less space than the bird.


My main trading goal was to get a new bike basket. Mission accomplished.

imageSpeaking of decluttering, I also made trades for foodstuffs and Diet Cokes.  As I type, I am haggling for kimchi. I don’t need more things, yet I’ve always wanted a Nathalie Léte piece and traded a Lemaire x Uniqlo dress for this Ladybug plate.