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Ivory and Ivory

I keep acquiring ivory even though I’m not trying to. In fact I just sold a bunch to a dealer at the St. Lawrence Market because I couldn’t deal with it anymore. These… Continue reading

Fashion Week: Vintage Sweater Coat

Knit pick

Thrift Shop Haul

More scores.

Freebie Friday: Olivetti Lettera Ad

Whilst walking around Queen Street East, I strolled past Arcadia Books. They had a basket of free mags, which included copies of International Art from the 1970s. The mags were a little on… Continue reading

A Bunch of Bags

Editing the purse collection

Bonnie Cashin For Russell Taylor Weatherwear Coat

Seventies score!

Holiday Haul

The gift of gifts.

Perry Ellis Scarf

Black and White and Warm All Over.

Sidewalk Finds: The Blues

…and to top it all off, almost everything was the same colour.

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