Interview With A Stylist: Charles Baker Strahan

Charles Baker Strahan Celebrity hairstylist Charles Baker Strahan was in town a few weeks ago for the launch of Herbal Essences’ new Tousle Me Softly collection of styling products. Strahan is an energetic and affable fellow who is — despite working with high-wattage TV stars such as Gossip GirlLeighton Meester, Ugly Betty‘s Becki Newton and The Hill‘s Whitney Port –a big fan of low-tech hair.

“I’m less is more when it comes to product,” says Strahan, who prefers to emphasize texture and volume over precision. After hair has been shampooed and conditioned, he applies mousse, then blows the hair out while messing it up at the same time. This “spot welds” sections together. “if you have hair of a slightly finer nature, this creates a broad depth of field” which makes hair appear fuller. For thick hair, he opts for a spray gel.

Next, he creates more volume by twisting sections either with the fingers or by wrapping strands around curlling ion starling at the root of the hair. “You get the most curl and volume where the most heat is delivered and you want the most volume at the root,” he explains.

For carefree, Bohemian tresses, he suggests the “Patty Cake”, which is achieved by wrapping hair around your fingers like you where making a pin curl, then pressing the section with a flat iron (take fingers out first).

Strahan likes a carefree, tousled mane, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look finished. “A lot of TV shows are filmed in High Definition, and in HD you can really see flyaways. To set your style while taming frizz and flyaways, he recommends spritzing a big, fat Kabuki Brush with Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Hair Spray and lightly dusting the hair. If you have denser locks, he recommends applying Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Finishing Touch Cream with a clean mascara wand.

Here’s an example of what Strahan’s perfectly executed messy tresses should look like:

Charles Strahan Rolling Stone Cover