60BB37D7-116E-4B0D-924A-15D53F9B3F26I haven’t been to a lot of yard sales this summer. But I made up for it by going to the Annual Cabbagetown Community Garage Sale. It’s an old and economically diverse part of town and the whole neighbourhood joins in on the fun so it’s like going to a thousand very different sales in one!

Even though I got there late, this event did not disappoint. I picked up an amazing double exposure photograph of a seated woman superimposed over a landscape. The seller, unfortunately, did not have any info on who the artist or subject might be (he was selling it for a friend). If anybody out there has some info, it would be greatly appreciated.

CB2666E6-342C-4C47-B409-484925C6F298A mystery I was able to solve, thanks to my friend Eric Rados was who made this brutalist ring. The answer is Robert Larin!

I also got a cool beaded neckpiece from Africa (where exactly in Africa, the seller could not say) and cool bolo tie with bullet shaped ends from the Calgary Stampede ( probably from around 1975).

5F18F634-8B76-4BF7-B801-6B0D856B71F6And finally, a tiny enamel white glove pin because I can never resist a hand.