How Will Future Generations Remember the 2000s?

My Scene Bling Dolls

Ah, long weekends. At some point you get bored and your start to ask yourself strange rhetorical questions, such as: What would I look like with Johnny Rotten‘s hair? Should I sell all my gold like Harold the Jewellery Buyer says? And, if the ’90s were Grunge, the ’80s Power Dressing and New Wave, and the ’70s Disco and Polyester, how will the oughties be remembered?

I reckon it will involve the word bling and the concept of celebutards. It was certainly the era in which Hip Hop was the dominant musical influence on street style.

Here’s my prediction: At some Halloween party fifty or sixty years from now, a girl will be wearing bedazzled jeans, Uggs, a fur coat and an over-sized watch and rhinestone studded jewellery. She’ll lolling around on a couch acting stoned, smearing glitter all over the throw cushions. And when you ask her what she’s supposed to be, she giggle and yell “I’M A FAMEBALL, BABY!” (because I also predict that in the future, drunks will get the oughties and Austin Powers confused).