Finn Followup

Elis Kauppi for Kupittaan Kulta Oy

Remember that auction of Scandinavian Jewellery at Waddington’s I wrote about? It’s over and it brought some pretty big sales. I don’t want to brag (I do want to brag) but the amethyst version of my Elis Kauppi ring (pictured on the left of the Gracious, Good logo, above) fetched $156 (the estimate was $25/35).

The money, however, is not the important thing. The fact that they have auctions dedicated to Scandinavian jewelry is the real tip off that those crazy ’60s and ’70s pieces in your mom’s jewelry box are very cool.

If you’re mom doesn’t have cool modernist jewellery, I’ll let you know where you can get some. First there’s the internet. Secondly, I’ve found some nice modest, modernist pieces at the St. Lawrence Market Sunday Antique Market. Thirdly, I Miss You Vintage on Ossington has some very good examples of Scandinavian studio jewellery. And fourthly, Fidea Jewellers on Yonge Street has a small stash of new old stock (meaning vintage but never sold) rings. That’s were I got the Elis Kauppi ring pictured above.