Rainy Days

If it’s gonna be rainy outside, you should have a pretty umbrella, such as this 1960s-era ombre number with a bamboo body and lucite handle that I found at the Value Village on Wednesday. It was made by the Telesco Brophey Ltd. of Montreal – a company that I can find a lot of patent applications for but little other information. Unfortunately it’s too crappy outside (not enough light) to get a good photo.

I like long vs. collapsible umbrellas because when it’s windy out, you just unlatch them from their fully extended position and they won’t turn inside out.

Ever since I started seeking out vintage parapluies, I also loose fewer umbrellas. Once, I was at the Value Village and I forgot my umbrella by the mirror. I went back to get it but it was gone. I raced to the checkout and someone was trying to buy it. The clerk believed me that it was mine (especially because it didn’t have price on it), but the lady who wanted it sure was sore.