Watch Week: Seiko, My Seiko!

I actually just got rid of a whole bunch of watches, but in the last week I seem to have acquired four news ones. So I hereby declare this Watch Week just so I can talk about my recent acquisitions.

The watch pictured above this post is a Seiko Diamatic — a funky self-winding time piece from 1971 or 1972. It has a 17 jewel, high frequency movement. I love the day/date at six o’clock, even though it was obviously influenced by the design of the Rado Diastar Magic.

The Diamatic range didn’t last long — maybe six or seven years. Probably because Seiko offers about one million other automatic watch lines. I had never even heard of this model before today. Here’s some other fun facts about automatic watches.

1. Never needs a battery change (although neither do windup watches)
2. Stores ‘energy’ for 2-3 days without that tedious winding (please insert sarcasm here). Also note, you actually have to move to power the watch. I gave my dad an auto and he claimed it was broken when, in reality, he just doesn’t walk enough.
3. Environmentally friendly (because you don’t need batteries).