Year Of The Turquoise

Pantone has named Turquoise, specifically, PMS 15-5519 Turquoise, the 2010 Color Of The Year. And my first thrift shop find of the year is the turquoise ring pictured above.

Granted, it’s more of a greeny turquoise than good ol’ PMS 15-5519. But that’s one of the funny qualities of turquoise — stones can change colour with exposure to moisture, oils or perfumes.

This particular ring was made by a Navajo silversmith — I haven’t figured out who the actual maker is but it is marked with an ax and crossed arrows. Turquoise has been a favourite gemstone of Southwestern artists since way before Europeans arrived. The Navajo consider wearing it lucky to wear and believe it could appease the Wind Spirit (the story goes that when the wind is blowing it is searching for turquoise).

I have an old book that belonged to my Great Grandmother —The Book of Talismans. Here’s what it has to say about turquoise:

This gem has always been regarded as a pledge of true affections, and is also credited with the power of drawing upon itself the evil that threatens its wearer; but this quality belongs only to the Turquoise that has been given, and not purchased.

Turquoise also looks great with coral, Spring’s most happening makeup colour.