Do Over: Amber Earrings

It was a good day at the Value Village yesterday. Got a couple of bags of broken jewellery, one of which yielded the sterling silver and amber earrings pictured above. The posts had broken off the back of the silver disks. Someone had attempted to fix them with new, non-silver posts affixed with glittery green nail polish. This solution didn’t work for one of the earrings.

I have no means with which to solder new posts on, nor do I have the dinero to pay someone to do it. so I pulled the bad post off, sanded the nail polish off and drilled new holes into the disks. I used an X-Acto knife to make the hole. I placed a very thick piece of cardboard underneath so as not to accidentally drill a hole in my desk. When I say drill, I mean I turned the knife around and around as opposed to just stabbing at the metal.

I should probably add that doing stuff like this can be dangerous and ill-advised — don’t try it at home. But as a repair made by a jeweller, drilling is less expensive than soldering.

Anyway, once the holes were in place, I attached some old shepherd’s hooks taken from some single sterling earrings I had lying around. I think with this extra layer of dangliness, the end result looks better than original. Slighty more boho, you know?