Vera Bradley’s Girly Bags

Whenever I’m in an airport or train station in the States, I’m always struck by the number of young ladies confidently swinging their brightly patterned, quilted Vera Bradley tote bags though the check in. The company makes a wide range of bags and accessories, but I am really only interested in the totes.

So much so, that I’ve accquired a few look-a-likes for my own travel needs (the company didn’t invent the quilted weekender, my bags are vintage — originally hand made by some ladies in Nova Scotia and sold at craft fairs).

It’s not that that they’re practical (they’re made of cotton and if you get caught in a rain storm in transit, like I did on my last trip to NYC, you’ll have no dry clothing to wear when you reach your destination). And although they’re the perfect size for a short jaunt, with heightened airport security you’ll have to check them and I’m pretty certain the bag would get shredded in the cargo hold of anything bigger than a turboprop.

I guess what I like about them is that, in a car or on a train they are soft and you can use them as a pillow. I also like the swirling paisley prints. But mostly I like the idea of the Vera Bradley girls at the airport. They always look like they are coming from an audition at a ballet or are going to spend the summer in Montauk. You know, slightly privileged, ready for adventure but still packing light.