Fashion Blogging Brouhaha

There’s a story on Jezebel about a recent Ann Taylor event where bloggers were promised gift cards in return for favourable reviews.

Just so you guys know where I’m coming from, I do receive product to review from beauty companies. I also go to the store, buy stuff and review it. If I’m doing an All New Review of gratis products, I will state that “the folks at the Encyclopedia Beautannica sent a sample of Wonder Stuff.” I also try to be as objective as possible, making note of any negatives (messy application, funny smells, etc.). Sometimes I forget, though — like in my review of the L’Oréal Everstrong Hydrate products. In order be more rigorous in the future. I have created a new category called Graft Alert. I’m not on the take, I just think it’s funny. I’ll let you guys decide if I’m biased or not.

In general, the Gracious, Good mission is to post about things that are good. I tend to focus on stuff I like and ignore the things that make my eyes water and my skin feel all Meth-y. Now back to