A Hasty Post About Some Stuff That I Bought

Yesterday I decided to take a wee break to enjoy the springlike temperatures. What started out as a brisk walk turned into a shopping spree. Since I spent too much money on stuff, I may as well share it with y’all.

Victorian Gutta Percha graduated chain necklace — its over a hundred years old, but looks surprisingly modern when worn.

Zuni Inlay Vulture Brooch — That is, I’m assuming by its markings that its a vulture. I’ve never seen the vulture immortalized in jewellery before. This pin is handmade and signed BEP.

Retro Milk Glass Flower Bracelet — About 10 years ago, Drew Barrymore wore a vintage costume jewellery floral cuff to the Academy Awards. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to have a flowery bracelet that was pretty enough to wear to the Oscars. This one is pretty well worn, but I’m totally going to wear it to an Oscar party.