Collections Week: I Like Iolite

Two probably doesn’t count as a collection, but I’m keen to share my latest gemmological theory.

See, I’ve had the pendant above for a long, long time. And before I bought it, I’d had my eye on it for about a year (it was in the display case of a pawn shop near where I used to work). Before I bought it, I just thought it was a wonderfully richly coloured Amethyst. As soon as I took it outside of the shop, it turned into a shade of teal.

For a short time, I fantasized that it was Tanzanite or Alexandrite. Most jewellers said no — wrong kind of colour change. They told me what it was not. And I forgot to ask what it was.

On closer examination, I discovered a third pleochroism — When viewed from a certain angle, the stone looked brown. Still didn’t know what it was. But last week I got a pretty 9ct gold ring (pictured below) with a similarly-coloured, identically cut stone. The stone had the same colour change powers. And that stone had a name: Iolite. Mystery solved, cue the slo-mo montage set to a pop sing (aka, a Bruckie).

Now I just have to have a gemologist confirm my theory and we’re off to the races.