Classics of Fashion: Diane von Furstenberg Wrap Dress

Look what I found at Courage My Love today. That’s right, a vintage Diane von Fürstenberg Jeanne wrap dress! And only $16. It’s missing it’s label, but I’ve ogled enough of these babies to know (or be at least 90 percent certain) that it’s the real deal.

There are few clothing designs that can be called timeless, and the DVF Wrap is one of them. It’s even in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. First Created in 1973, they are still available today. I’ve always wanted one because they look pretty great on any body type. Plus I love the crazy prints. I’ve found some before, but never in my size. They still make them, but you know I loves my vintage.

This one is a little snug, but since I’m on a diet and exercise plan for the month of May, being able to wear it will be my reward.