Thrill of the Find: Vintage Lanvin Dress

Here is some insight into my writing process. Specifically, how I keep writer’s block at bay.

Sometimes when I am very busy work-wise (like I am right now), I need to step away from the computer and go thrifting. While en route to the Value Village or Salvation Army or wherever, I can let the thoughts and ideas I’m trying to express kick around in my head until they make sense. If they don’t make sense, at least I’ve identified where my arguments fall apart and I can go home and fix them.

You may say this is a rationalization that allows me to go shopping for an hour when I should be working. It might be, but it’s a useful rationalization.

So while I’m travelling to my happy hunting grounds, I’m actually working. When I’m hunting, my mind goes into a blank state. Sometimes the frustration of being blocked is more of a block than the writing problem itself. So I think of this blank-mind state as being like a palette cleanser that keeps the frustration away while my sub-conscious works out my communications issues.

So that’s how I found myself at the Woodbine Value Village, where I found this lovely, 1970s/early ’80s Lanvin dress for $9. And it fits, which rare for vintage.

1970s-era Lanvin accessories are super collectible right now. The clothes, not so much (although the mid-calf length and fullness of the skirt are big trends for fall). Admittedly, this kind of retro look could look frumpy on a middle-aged lady like myself. But I am convinced that with the right shoes (tall and strappy) and jewels (statement necklaces and bangles), I will look smashing.

Here’s another secret. Because it’s a bit of a hike to get to the Woodbine Value Village, I will reach my blank-mind state before I reach the store. And sometimes a weird random thought will pop into my head. A thought like “Wouldn’t it be nice if I found a star sapphire today?” or “What I need is a white gold bangle.” And then I will find that item. Yesterday my thought was “I could sure use some Lanvin.”