Canadian Style — Not an Oxymoron

In the new New Yorker Style Issue, there’s a couple of shout outs to our home and native land. In a story about J. Crew, the author describes a fashionable young men as being decked out in a “Canadian Tuxedo” or head-to-toe denim. And in the photo accompanying a profile of 14-year-old fashion blogger, Tavi Gevinson, the precocious stylist is wearing the cardigan Pink Tartan designed for Hudson’s Bay Heritage last December (pictured above).

Two things: If non-Canadians are referencing Canadian style, there must be one. As sure as the Milanese wear black, we are known for hunter checks, jean jackets and point blankets. I for one embrace this.

Second, in rare fit of journalistic integrity, I went to the Bay on Queen to see if they still had the aforementioned mohair cardigan ($195) . They do and I bought one.