Summer of the Fake Longchamps Bag

For some reason, Toronto was flooded with fake Longchamps Le Pliages totes. While it is Longchamps signature sac, it is not a particularly expensive bag (about $125, but then again I see LeSportsac knockoffs all over town, too). Still I used to see them rarely unless I was in an airport or Paris. LAst week I counted 10 Le Pliages on one streetcar trip. And I’m guessing most of them are knock-offs.

My first question: When did this bag go viral? I remember writing about loving them four years ago and the reaction was underwhelming. And when did they become so popular enough to be counterfeited so widely?The ubiquity of these fakes is that I’m even finding them at Value Village and garage sales now.

You can get the real deal at Betty Hemmings Leather Goods, Andrew’s and Studio Biba.