All New Review: L’Oréal Paris Color Infaillable

Am loving the new Infalliable Color eye shadows that our friends at L’Oréal Paris sent us. First of all, the colours are amazing and my picture doesn’t do them any justice. At first glance I thought they were high pigment loose powders, but once I stuck my finger in the squat little pot, the texture was something totally new — dense like a creme shadow that went on with the ease of a pressed powder.

Like a pigment, the colour goes on sheer and can be layered for intensity. Unlike many transparent hues, however, the colour is true to what you see. It’s shimmery — but not too glittery, so I consider it age appropriate. And because it’s powdery, it doesn’t get too smeary when one perspires or rubs one’s eyes daintily. I found that it lasted well enough (about 5 hours–which is okay by me, since eyeshadow for me is for the night times, and I don’t stay up that late), but one of my co-testers had the opposite opinion of it’s staying power (enduring for only three hours of concert fun is not enough).

So there you go, you can take the word of a middle-aged lady or a young ’un. Please note that the young ’un did not give the eye color back.