Sidewalk Find: Hermès Iris Ukiyoé

Had an magical and fantastic weekend celebrating all sorts of things with some very amazing ladies. I’ll share more later, but first let’s talk about my sidewalk find.

Walking around Yorkville on Saturday. Found a poor iris tucked into a chicken wire fence. And tied to the stem of the flower was a sample of Hermès Iris Ukiyoé, part of perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena‘s Hermessence collection. Hermès Hiris is one of my favourite fragrances so I scooped it up straight away. I wore it to my sister-in-law’s birthday fête. It’s much stronger than Hiris, but I liked it once it dried down.

Also, the flower, which had gotten quite droopy, perked up as soon as it found a new home with the birthday girl.

It turns out that the Hermès store was handing out the flowers for Mother’s Day.