The Little Rings in Life

For those who know me as a fan of big, knuckle duster rings, it may come as a shock that lately I’ve become entranced by the idea of small bands. Rings with wire-thin shanks and wee, delicate stones. It’s not a totally new preoccupation: The sterling silver bow pictured above has been a favourite for years. It reminds me of wearing a string tied around your finger so you don’t forget something. Below are some other wee rings that I have had over the years.

Small, vintage engagement rings are becoming more popular as well. Doyle & Doyle is a vintage jewellery shop in Manahttan, near my friend Gary’s place. Last time I stopped by they cleaned my engagement ring (pictured below) for free and heaped praise on it, which made me feel great. I could spend hours online or instore at Doyle & Doyle fantasizing about their selection of elegant, antique rings.

Downsizing isn’t always a sign of austerity. In the early 20th century, advances in technique allowed goldsmiths to use the strength of platinum to create daintier jewels than soft metals like gold and silver would allow. Pictured above is an art deco platinum band that I used to have.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the upcoming Waddingtons jewellery auction on Wednesday. There looks to be a lot of deco-era dainties on offer.