Stuff I Did: Halloween, Coldplay and MothUP

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks and I’ve got to do some neat things and go to some interesting places that I’d never been before.I don’t usually blog about things I’m doing, but what the heck?

First, we attended our friends Heather and Martin’s anniversary part at St. Stephen in the Fields church. It was a Halloween shindig, and the Gothic architecture of the building made it feel all Hogwartsy. I did Tarot readings and Andrew and our friend Erik ran the shooting gallery. The most spooky thing was the portrait of the lady above, who kept watching me read fortunes with a disapproving glare.

I also attended a blogger event hosted by American Express at The Thompson Hotel. The theme was about the value of providing excellent service, and we met Michael Fazio, author of Concierge Confidential. It was a lovely evening with fantastic food and relaxed and easy dinner conversation. Ostensibly, we were there to watch a live broadcast of a Coldplay concert in Spain, directed by Anton Corbijn, but the company was too good so we chatted over the whole thing.

I’ve been to the Thompson Diner a few times (I really want to copy the colourfully tiled floor) but it was my first time in the hotel. It’s all dark and ambient but very cozy. I also got to hang out with my colleague Sonya Davidson who blogs as The Cultured Pearl at That’s me and her, reunited, above.

And finally, I read a story at MothUP, which was held in a bar at College and Bathurst called Nobody Writes the Colonel. The bar is in a house, so it’s fitting that it feels like a 1960s sitting room. The space is a bit awkward to move around in, but their was a real welcoming vibe.