Collections Week: The Jewels I’d Wear to the Oscars

If I was ever invited to the Academy Awards (hey, it could happen), I wouldn’t have to borrow jewels from anybody. Here are some baubles that I keep on hand for red carpet emergencies (I mean, you never know when you’re gonna have to fill in as Clive Owen’s date for a movie premiere).

From above (top): 14k drop earrings, probably from the 1950s or 1960s. I have worn these to some TIFF galas; (above) I would wear all of my gold bracelets in one go for extra glamour (and, depending on my gown, I’d sport my Elis Kauppi ring too). Pictured below: A beautiful ruby and turquoise ring I got from a retirement sale at an old Portuguese jewellery store on Dundas.

I call the above pieces, my “Solid Gold” collection. The items below are from my “Silver Sparkle” set.

Above: A pair of 1980s enormous sterling silver and rock crystal studs. Both pairs of earrings shown here are very heavy. By the end of the night, my earlobes would be dragging on the ground.
Below: Once again, my “Anna Wintour” necklaces — art deco era collet set paste chokers.