Predictions: The Next Big Things

I was at work and I made a list of what I predict the next big accessories trends will be:

1. Crystals

Chanel FW 2012 runway and Geode necklace that I made

I sold that geode necklace at my workplace craft bazaar. I kinda wish I’d kept it now.

2. Shark’s Teeth

cresta bledsoe Shark tooth necklace

Cresta Bledsoe shark tooth necklace

I’m especially enamoured of Cresta Beldsoe‘s toothy designs.

3. Grosgrain Watch Bands

Park & Bond Vintage Rolex Grosgrain

Park & Bond Vintage Rolexes on Grosgrain Straps

All the cool kids are trying to make their Rolexes less blingy by swapping out the metal bracelets for grosgrain straps.

4. Brass Jewellery

Brass bangle  Horn and Brass bracelets

Brass bangle street style and Horn and Brass bracelets

Brass is this season’s boho go to. Unlike most costume jewellery it’s got some heft to it. It also works with classic styles (as pictured on the lady I surreptitiously snapped at the streetcar stop last week).

5. Statement Socks

A selection of statement socks at The Bay

So many of us have to wear uniforms of some sort. So it’s nice when you can go crazy with your hosiery.