Find of the Month: Early Victorian Romantic Era or Art Nouveau Gilt Bracelet

1800s Romantic Era Bracelet

A little more detail on the last bracelet I will buy for a month. I believe it dates from the the mid 1800s, the early part of Queen Victoria’s reign, which is most commonly known as the “romantic era.” I could be wrong because I haven’t been able to find a similar piece on the interwebs. The way the piece is constructed though is very 19th century. The stones are glass (I can see little bubbles), but are quite nicely cut and bezel set. I believe it’s gold over brass.

I got it for $5 at the St. Lawrence Antique market because the clasp was broken. I fashioned a new closure out of silver wire.

REVISED: Now I think it might be a later piece, more art nouveau-y. Not everything fits into a super-defined style or era. The more I learn, the more I learn that I know nothing!