Champions: Gold Drop Earrings

14K drop earrings

When I was young I was into doll collecting. I had a book about antique dolls and their accessories. I loved the costumes of the Victorian-era poupées in particular. Most of them had shiny gold earrings shaped like a teardrop.

Later on, I found a pair of vintage costume earrings of the same style and wore them constantly until all the gold plating wore off. I switched to silver hoops after that, but I never stopped thinking about the drops. One day I had to remove the hoops to get X-Rays and I couldn’t get them all back in. It was a sign that it was time for a change.

I spotted a pair of droplet-shaped dangles at one of the gold emporiums on Yonge St. At that point in my life, almost every purchase was an investment, but I still slapped my cash on the counter and bought the earrings.

It turned out to be a good investment. Gold was cheaper back then (the melt price is probably equal to what I paid originally). And I have lost the ability to wear costume earrings without getting an ear infection. I wear these babies at least once a week. Sometimes I’ll wear them for weeks on end. I have not shared them here before because I’ve never managed to get a good photo of them — until now.