Terms of Endearment: Engraved Watch Cases

Engraved 1940s watch case

I’m culling the watch herd this week. While sorting through the bits and pieces, I’ve become distracted by little details, such as engravings on the back of watch cases. Some, like the one pictured above, are merely monogrammed. I like monograms and cyphers. I will share a stick pin with what I think would make a nice glyph for me later this week. It’s funny that nowadays, in our brand conscious society, we pay more attention to wearing somebody else’s initials than our own.

Presentation watch with engraved case

More common are presentation watches — timepieces that engraved to recognize an achievement. Many acknowledge years of service to a place of employment. In the olden days you used to get a gold watch when you retired. I don’t think this happens anymore. I also come across a lot of watches that commemorate an occasion, such as Christmas, like the watch pictured above. Maybe it’s because I watched Pulp Fiction last weekend, but getting a watch used to mean so much more.

Three engraved and monogrammed watch cases