All New Review: Banh Mi Boys

Banh Mi Boys Kimchi Fries

Mr. Andrew and I finally made it out for lunch at Banh Mi Boys, a kind of hipster lunch counter specializing in the classic Vietnamese sub (Banh Mi). And it was a treat! Tasty food, friendly service and cool tunes on the stereo. Sure there was a lengthy lineup, but nobody seemed stressed about it.

I’m thinking that if I’m going to live to be 100, I should forswear things like eating fries all the time. Especially crazy french fry mash ups like Poutini‘s Bacon Poutine with Maple Syrup or the Masala Fries at Bombay Chowpatty. It would be fitting if the kimchi and pulled pork fries I ate at Banh Mi Boys was my last feast of frites, because they were so very delicious.

Banh Mi Boys Chicken taco

While the fries were great, they were not the most delicious thing I ate at Banh Mi Boys. No, that would be the Grilled Chicken taco. I’m not a bog fan of carrots unless they’re prepared in the Vietnamese restaurant style — finely chopped and soaked in vinegar. My taco had this kind of carrot balanced with the exact perfect amount of coriander. Add in some chicken and mayo and you get a taste of heaven for just $4.

Banh Mi Boys Tofu Banh Mi and Bao

The combo of fries and taco was super filling. Mr. Andrew took on the challenge of finishing off the other sandwich options. He had a Tofu sub and a panko encrusted tofu Bao (banh mi may be Vietnamese, but there’s clearly a lot of Korean and Japanese influences at work here). According to A.K., the sub was good but the Bao was awesome — again the the one-two-crunch of carrot and coriander is crack-like in it’s addictiveness. After we finished, he went back and got another bao.