Holiday Weekend Haul

imageThe main goal of our trip to Brockville this weekend was to hang out with Mr. Andrew’s mom. Still I did manage to make a few shopping excursions. Small town thrifting is usually a bit of a disappointment for me. Antique shops are usually stocked with collector’s plates and dusty old signs and when they do have something that catches my fancy it’s usually overpriced. This time out was no exception. There was a carved wooden shoe that had been made to advertise shoes that I was sorely tempted to get but was just a bit to pricey  to justify buying. And while I normally can’t say no to a tiger, this time I could.

Speaking of Giant Tigers, I also hiked out to the local Tigre Gèante, specifically because I wanted to get a fishnet pullover. It’s a thing that’s been on my Pinterest wish list for months because I felt like it would not only be a smart layering piece, but the mesh would also let me wear long sleeves in the summer without broiling. I was also interested in getting another pair of Birken-Crocs — the supper fugly marrive of Birkenstock design and Crocs’ foam like material. I am happy to report that both missions were accomplished (and for $5 each). The third purchase was this grey jersey jumpsuit. Wraps fronts are flattering on almost every woman on the world but me.


Vintage poppy print skirt

Although the antique and artisanal boutiques were underwhelming, the second-hand shops were amazing! I visited three different stores, starting with the Maycourt Thrift, a tidy emporium where I got this lovely poppy print skirt.

I got some silvery accessories including a silk scarf, a pair of sterling twisty bangles and a swirly retro minaudière.

I also went into the Salvation Army  where I discovered this amazing Members Only jacket and Comrags polk dot blouson as well. And my final destination was a place called the Score, which seemed to be a mix of Happy Meal toys and NOS gadgets. But tucked in between new old stock and mouldy hoardings there were few good gadgets. But the biggest score was a faux Gucci bomber jacket (pictured above and modelled by the sexy Mr. A.