All New Review: Ombrelle Face Stick and Clear Spray Sport

Ombrelle SPF 60 Sport

Spending eight hours outside manning a table at the Junction Flea also gave me a good opportunity to test drive a couple of products that the folks at Ombrelle sent me a few months ago. Specifically the Face Stick and Sport Spray. Because I am super pasty and don’t need any more of what my friend Moira calls “jerk spots,” I opted for the SPF 60 version of each.

First the face stick. It contains titanium dioxide which usually goes on all white, but this stick felt light, went on smoothly and didn’t leave me looking like a chalk-faced ghoul. Granted, I am pretty pale. If I had a darker complexion, I might’ve looked more ashy. I reapplied about halfway through the day because while SPF 60 provides longer protection, it is not magical.

I also sprayed on a good coat of Ombrelle Clear Spray Sport. I am a very sweaty girl and Sunday was a hot and humid day. This spritz is advertised right on the bottle as a clear, transparent and sweat resistant spray, so I had to give it a spin. I’ve never used an aerosol spray sunscreen before, and it was so much better than a pump spray — application was much more even and not at all drippy.

Some other factors to note in this test drive: I tried to stay in the shade as much as possible, I wore a big, wide-brimmed hat and I dressed in gauzy garments that left a lot of me covered up. As a control, Mr. Andrew did all of the same things except for wearing sunscreen and he still got a little red on his arms and face.

The verdict: I remained unkissed by the sun. I also liked that even though I was perspiring heavily, there was no greasy sweat mixing with sunscreen feeling. I’d say that these two products will be the core of my summer sun protection plan.