And Now a Collection of Coral

Egyptian GIlt Silver Coral and Lapis Pendant

Yesterday I wrote about how my love for lapis was expanding. Today I’m writing about how my love for coral is waning. Specifically for pink coral. I love it on it’s own, but when I wear it the colour is just lost on me. On the weekend, I heard someone describe falling in love with a wooden ring that was too close in hue to her own complexion, so that when she wore it, it looked like she had a weird growth on her knuckle. This sort of summed up my experience wearing coral.

Coral Torsade necklace with gilded silver clasp

So, I took pictures of my coral collection in anticipation of selling it. Haven’t made a decision yet though. Coral’s getting rarer and if I change my mind, I don’t know if I’ll have as much success finding it in thrift shops. At the top is a photo of a pendant that combines lapis and coral. It’s just so darned big, I’ve never figured out how to wear it properly (probably a longer chain would do it justice). Above is a gorgeous three strand coral bead torsade necklace. It’s incredible versatile and is maybe my favourite coral piece. Although the gilt silver ring shown below would be a close second.

Pink coral ring

Maybe I should just keep the good ones above, and divest myself of the jewels pictured below, which are very pretty but I never ever wear them. What do you think I should do? Sell ’em off of spare them?

18K carved coral rose pendant with pearl

18K carved coral rose pendant with pearl on a chain

knotted coral bead necklace