Art Show: Eli Langer

Eli Langer Mixed Media Artwork

When Mr. Andrew and I first got shacked up, we lived above the in/attendant Gallery on Queen St. West. They had a group show that featured this mixed media piece by artist Eli Langer. At the time, Langer was somewhat infamous because of a series of drawings about childhood sexuality he did for a show at Mercer Union. His parents were also our friends Nancy and Max’s landlords. To us, “The Shirt,” was just a friendly artwork that we saw in the window everyday when we came home from work. And as the group exhibition neared it’s end, we knew we would miss it terribly. So we bought it.

A side note: There have been two times where we didn’t act quickly enough when it came to purchasing an art. Once, Gallery 1313 had an offsite show in a space on Yonge Street. There was a large painting of a dog running away from a burning forest. Both Mr. Andrew and I loved it, and it was reasonably priced at around $500. But still, spending $500 bucks was not a decision we could make lightly. We decided to sleep on it and the next day decided to buy the painting. the problem was that the show was a one-night only affair and we hadn’t written down the name of the artist. So if any of you remember this show and/or this painting, please contact me. I will reward you in jewels.

The other regret is not buying a Julie Moon piece when I could afford it.